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Sustainable Future Cities: Through Science, By Design, In Place

Through Science

To achieve sustainability, science is essential. Science provides the basis for understanding how cities develop and interact with the environment at different scales. Cities are composed of physical stocks, resource flows, social institutions, and cultural catalysts which interactions generate a quantifiable ‘metabolism’. The scientific focus of our research is to quantify such metabolisms, and understand how they might be best structured for the benefit of sustainable cities.

By Design
A sustainable city must also be liveable. To achieve liveability, design is essential. Design is a collaborative process that combines analytical techniques, imaginative strategies and transdisciplinary knowledge to generate new ideas and bring them to fruition. Design skills bring often conflicting technical, economic, social, and cultural demands (such as environmental sustainability, profit, comfort, convenience, identity, security, satisfaction, and desire) into innovative and harmonious relationships.

In Place
Science and design are effective only if they serve places and the lives that are lived in them. Places result from common processes (growth and decline; competition and co-operation; ebb and flow of capital, people, goods and ideas; and climate change) and differentiating factors (geography, culture, language, and history). Our research addresses diverse lived places, from compact cities with high population densities to extended cities with a mosaic of urban and rural land uses.
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