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Smart Cities 2.0
25 Mar | FCL gives its take on responsive cities in the ChannelNews Asia documentary on smart cities.

Google Street View reveals benefits of street trees
How much shade do street trees provide in cities? Google Street View has the answer.

Dr Alex Erath on Singapore's car-lite drive
"The willingness to cycle or walk is guided by the design of the environment".

JEC award

FCL wins JEC Asia Innovation Award
FCL team awarded for project on bonding bamboo composite and concrete.


Global Cities and Megacities
10 May | lunch talk features Parag Khanna, leading global strategist, world traveller and author.

100 Resilient Cities: The Future of Resilience
8 Mar | Yumi Nishikawa shares insights on making cities more resilient as we tackle future challenges.

Discreet Choice Modelling Course
6 - 8 Jun | Prof Stephane Hess walks us though modelling the myriad of choices made daily.

Reinventing 17 volcanoes in Crater Studios
Till Jul | Step into the creation process of Zurich-based U5 in Crater Studios hosted by NUS Museums.

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