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Swiss Grand Award for Art
Prof Philip Ursprung is awarded for crossing boundaries and opening up new intellectual and creative freedoms.

Smart Cities 2.0
25 Mar | FCL professors and researchers talk about responsive and sustainable cities on ChannelNews Asia

Google Street View reveals benefits of street trees
How much shade do street trees provide in cities? Google Street View has the answer.

JEC award

FCL wins JEC Asia Innovation Award
FCL Alternative Construction Materials team awarded for project on bonding bamboo composite and concrete.


Adaptive Reuse vs Tabula Rasa
24 May | FCL urban design talk features urban design concepts based on cases in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Anhui, China.

Gede at the NUS Museum
25 May | Experience Gede - the fourth of U5's portraits of 17 Javanese volcanoes at the NUS Museum

Global Cities and Megacities
17 May | Parag Khanna discusses if global cities and megacities are new modes of global organisation

Urban Complexity Science
5 May | Asst Prof Dr Markus Schlaepfer will discuss how to find hidden rules in the dynamics of cities

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