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Prof Philip Ursprung awarded Swiss Grand Award

Prof Philip Usprung is awarded the 17th Swiss Grand Award for Art for finding, exploring and crossing boundaries and opening up new intellectual and creative freedoms through his work. Read more 


On Air: ChannelNews Asia's Futuropolis

24 Mar | FCL researchers go on air on ChannelNews Asia's documentary Futuropolis and share our vision and approach towards the future of cities. Read more 


FCL on ChannelNews Asia's Smart Cities 2.0

25 Mar | FCL talks to Smart Cities 2.0 host Jason Pomeroy about responsive cities, use of VR technology in our research and how they make cities more liveable and sustainable.    Read more 


100 Resilient Cities: The Future of Resilience

8 Mar | Yumi Nishikawa from 100 Resilient Cities speaks about making cities more resilient, as we tackle the biggest challenges of future cities of urbanisation, globalisation, and climate change. Read more 


Sand: An (in)Finite Resource?

Asst Prof Dirk Hebel and team ran the Engineering for Development Summer School at TU Delft on sand, prompting students to rethink sand as a building materials and its alternatives.   Read more 

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Tanjong Pagar Waterfront: A Procedural Urban Design Project

26 Jul | Design studio students from the Bauhaus-University Weimar will present scenarios for the Tanjong Pagar Waterfront based on parametric urban design. Read more 


Sharing Smartly: Food Sharing Economies in Singapore

2 Aug | Monika Rut from the SHARECITY research project will discuss contemporary food sharing initiatives and insights from Singapore. Read more 


Greenery, Recreation, Infrastructure & Parks Conference

19 Jul | Prof Thomas Schroepfer and Mayank Kaushal to present research on Dense and Green Building Typologies. Read more 


FCL Lunch Talk: Volumetric Thermography

19 Jul | In this talk, FCL’s senior software engineer Michael Joos will discuss ways to display volumetric data to overcome the challenges of visualisation. Read more 


Future District Energy Systems Roundtable

28 Jun | Researchers, agencies and industry uncovered economic and political challenges to integrate district energy systems and renewable energy in districts.    Read more 

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