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Advanced Studies on Urban Design
FCL launches 10-month course in partnership with the Urban Redevelopment Authority

Dr Alex Erath on Singapore's car-lite drive
"The willingness to cycle or walk is guided by the design of the environment".

JEC award

FCL wins JEC Asia Innovation Award
FCL team awarded for project on bonding bamboo composite and concrete.

Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe Foundation Boosts Ecosystem Services Research
High-resolution satellite images allow researchers to better map vegetated areas.  


17 Volcanoes goes to Princeton
17 Feb | Travelling exhibition by Tourism and Cultural Heritage group opens in Princeton

Reshaping the City's Identity through Culture
28 Feb | Michael Schindhelm to speak about the role of culture in a city

Reinventing 17 volcanoes in Crater Studios
Till Jul | Step into the creation process of Zurich-based U5 in Crater Studios

Cooling Singapore & Cooler Calmer Singapore
1 Feb | Introducing two projects to mitigate Singapore's urban heat island effect

Research Partners

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