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Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe Foundation Boosts Ecosystem Services Research
High-resolution satellite images allow researchers to better map vegetated areas.  

'The Material Man' on Hochparterre
Prof Dirk Hebel researches on building with water, mycelium and bamboo.

District Energy Systems Roundtable

First District Energy Systems Roundtable
Academics, government and industry explore future of district energy systems in Singapore.

JEC award

FCL wins JEC Asia Innovation Award
FCL team awarded for project on bonding bamboo composite and concrete.


FCL Urban Design Talk
7 Dec 2016 | Lujiazui in Shanghai meets Forum 2004 in Barcelona at the next Urban Design talk by FCL researchers.

'17 Volcanoes' in Canada
Till 22 Jan 2017 | 17 Volcanoes by Tourism & Cultural Heritage group at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Are Businesses Moving Fast Enough to Ensure Sustainability?
30 Nov 2016 | FCL Lunch Talk by Tim Hill from Eco-Business.

FCL European-Southeast Asian Architectureal Dialogue
23 Nov 2016 | WOHA founders meet Mike Guyer!

Research Partners

FCL Partners
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