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The Value Lab Asia (VLA), together with its companion space in Zurich, is a central infrastructure for research, education and communication at te Future Cities Laboratory. It is a collaborative, digitally augmented environment that serves a wide range of applications, such as participatory urban planning and design, stakeholder communication, information visualisation and discovery, remote teaching and conferencing.

Built in March 2012, the lab in Singapore was designed and implemented by Dr Stefan Arisona in collaboration with Zurich-based product and interior design firm Plasmadesign, and with PAVE System as the appointed systems integrator.

VLA borrows many of the concepts of the Value Lab Zurich built at ETH Zurich’s ScienceCity by Prof Dr Gerhard Schmitt, Dr Remo Burkhard, Jan Halatsch and Antje Kunze of ETH's Chair of Information Architecturein 2007/08.

It includes a 33-megapixel video wall, three large displays with touch overlays, a number of smaller, mobile multi-touch enabled displays, and extensive video conferencing capabilities. Read more about the installation by PAVE System here

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