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Researcher of Big Data-Informed Urban Design

Katja Knecht is a researcher in Cognitive Design Computing with the Big Data-Informed Urban Design project at Future Cities Laboratory at the Singapore-ETH Centre. With a background in media, architecture, and computing, her research interests are interdisciplinary in nature and include interaction and user experience design, cognitive and design computing, as well as artificial intelligence techniques. In the past, her work has ranged from the development of generative and media based tools to support architectural and urban design processes to the creation of wearable devices and tangible user interfaces for mediated spatial experiences.


Within the Big Data-Informed Urban Design Project, Katja is in charge of the Cognitive Design Computing work stream, which centres on the development of intelligent computational design support systems for complex urban design tasks. The aim is to develop tools that support urban planners in addressing the challenges of responsive city development, by combining human creativity and design decision making processes with artificial intelligence methods and data and evidence informed computational models. Within the work stream, her research focusses on human-centred design and development of such systems. Specifically, her work involves defining and designing the dialogue between designer and machine and ensuring usability and usefulness of the tools in the urban design and planning context.


  • PhD Candidate in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • MSc MediaArchitecture, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Audio-Visual Media, Stuttgart Media University, Germany
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