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Milica Topalovic


Project Leader of Territories of Extended Urbansisation

 has been attached to the Future Cities Laboratory at the Singapore-ETH Centre as Assistant Professor of Architecture and Territorial Planning since 2011. In 2006 she joined the ETH as head of research at the Studio Basel Contemporary City Institute and the professorial chairs held by Diener and Meili, where she taught research studios on cities and on territories such as Hong Kong and the Nile Valley. Milica graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and received Master’s degree from the Dutch Berlage Institute for her thesis on Belgrade’s post-socialist urban transformation.

Since 2000 her work includes different scales and media from urban research and design, to architecture and spatial installation. She lectured and exhibited in deSingel, Antwerp, Munich’s Haus der Kunst and the Swedish Architecture Museum, among others. She contributes essays on urbanism, architecture and art to magazines and publications including Oase and San Rocco.


Architecture of Territory investigates the processes and phenomena of territorial urbanization at the start of the 21st century. The current research theme, the hinterlands, looks at the territorial impact of cities at various spatial scales, from their traditional, proximate hinterlands to their global networks of dependencies. The tri-national metropolitan region of Singapore serves as the paradigmatic research case. The city-states’ urban impact beyond its national borders is in focus, with investigations ranging from the economical incorporation of territory and labor in the neighbouring provinces of Indonesia and Malaysia, Riau and Johor, to the Singapore’s role as the global logistics hub. Design research studios are integral to the research.

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