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Senior researcher and education research programme leader

Aurel von Richthofen is a German architect and urban scholar. He is a graduate of the architecture departments of ETH Zurich and Princeton. Aurel has taught architecture and computer-aided urban design as assistant professor at The Ohio State University (2007-2009), TU Berlin (2010), and the German University of Technology in Oman (2010-2014).

In 2014 he became project coordinator at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Singapore. Aurel von Richthofen is the head of the Education Research Programme at FCL. Since 2017 he leads a post-professional course on advanced urban design for the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in Singapore. In 2016, he organised the Engineering for Development (E4D) Summer School for ETH Zurich and TU Delft in the Netherlands. He is also teaching the course Urban Spatial Reasoning and Representation at the Yale-NUS programme in Urban Studies since 2016.


The Education Research Programme aims to translate the interdisciplinary research projects conducted at FCL into a new curriculum for urban design. While cities are understood as complex and multi-dimensional phenomena and technology and science is advancing rapidly,  urban design education is still based on conventional educational models. The Education Research programme at FCL develops methods based in scientific evidence, using latest technology while developing an interactive, participatory and critical pedagogy.

Aurel's previous research focusses on rural-urban transformation in Oman and the Gulf Region. He was co-investigator of a research project on sustainable urbanisation patterns in Oman - sponsored by the Research Council Oman. He developed a new urban planning framework addressing social, cultural and climatic needs and served as consultant to urban renewal projects and spatial planning strategies in Oman. Together with Sonja Nebel, he published the book "Urban Oman - Trends and Perspectives of Urbanisation in Muscat Capital Area" in 2016. The book "Arab Gulf Cities in Transition" co-edited with Veronika Deffner is forthcoming with Brill Publishers in 2017.  His expertise in urban rural sustainability in extreme climates bridging material, architectural and urban scales serves as a backdrop for his interdisciplinary research approach at FCL.

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Aurel is a registered architect trained at ETH Zurich and Princeton University.

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Dipl. Arch., ETH Zurich
MArch, Princeton University


Registered Architect, German Chamber of Architects Berlin
German Society of Geometry and Graphics

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