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Google Street View reveals benefits of street trees

FCL researchers developed a method to quantify ecosystem services of street trees. Using nearly 100,000 images from Google Street View, the study helps further understanding on how green spaces contribute to urban sustainability. Read more 


First District Energy System Roundtable in Singapore

19 Sep 2016 | The roundtable gathers energy researchers from Princeton, NUS, City University of Hong Kong, EPFL, ETH Zurich, Singaporean government agencies, and utility operators. Read more 


New Sustainable Town Plan for Batam and Indonesia

A team of researchers at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) has designed a new sustainable housing type specifically for rapidly developing tropical cities. The house is called rumah tambah or rubah for short (‘expandable house’ in Indonesian). Read more 


Milestone in Developing Singapore's Most Energy-Efficient Office by 2018

The recent completion of construction, and first month of successful operation of the 3for2@UWCSEA demonstration project by the Singapore-­ETH Centre turns the page in developing what could be Singapore’s most energy-­efficient office by 2018. Read more 


Science Meets Design: Future Cities Laboratory Phase 2

Singapore’s National Research Foundation awarded funding to ETH Zurich’s Singapore-­ETH Centre for a second five-year phase of the FCL programme, which will address the challenges of sustainable urban development from an Asian perspective. Read more 

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