FCL on ChannelNews Asia's Smart Cities 2.0


25 Mar | FCL talks to Smart Cities 2.0 host Jason Pomeroy about responsive cities, use of VR technology in our research and how they make cities more liveable and sustainable.   

ChannelNews Asia host Jason Pomeroy journeyed through the Future Cities Laboratory in 30 minutes! Prof Dr Gerhard Schmitt gives our take on the buzzword 'Smart City' and offers an alternative concept centred around the residents in the city - or what we call 'Responsive Cities'.

Next, researcher wi†h the Engaging Moblity research group, Michael van Eggermond takes Jason on a ride - virtually - on new streets designed with cyclists in mind, displaying the huge potential of virtual reality in urban design and transport research.

FCL Programme Director Prof Dr Stephen Cairns walks Jason through the diverse interdisciplinary research at the Future Cities Laboratory, and illustrates how they converge in making future cities more responsive, liveable, and sustainable.

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