Smart Cities 2.0: Beyond Technology


20 Mar | At this lunch talk, Prof Jason Pomeroy will discuss case studies of Smart cities around the world, investigate their characteristics, and question if such environments enhance our daily lives.

When you think of what a Smart City is, the natural inclination would be to imagine driverless cars whizzing through streets, bike-sharing schemes, talking fridges, and the use of Big Data as big brother. Such a utopian (or dystopian) vision is largely based on technology - specifically information and communication technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), and imagines a future where lives are made easier and more productive – thanks to technology.

However, amongst all the talk of technological innovations in Smart Cities, it is easy to overlook the important roles governance, culture and community engagement plays in enabling smart practices to take place. Furthermore, as the needs of city dwellers around the world vary, so do definitions of what makes a Smart City. In this lecture, Prof Pomeroy considers different case studies from his TV series, Smart Cities 2.0*, from around the world. He will investigate their unique characteristics, and ultimately ask whether such environments really enhance our daily lives.

The Speaker

Prof Jason Pomeroy is the host of the documentary Smart Cities 2.0, an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV personality at the forefront of the sustainable built environment agenda. He graduated with Bachelor and Post-Graduate degrees with distinction from the Canterbury School of Architecture; received his Masters degree from Cambridge University, and his PhD from the University of Westminster. He is the Founding Principal of evidence-based interdisciplinary sustainable design firm Pomeroy Studio; and sustainable education provider, Pomeroy Academy.

Jason is the author of ‘Pod Off-Grid: Explorations in Low Energy Waterborne Communities’ (2016), ‘The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat’ (2014) and ‘Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today’ (2011). He is a special professor at the University of Nottingham, James Cook University, and the Universita IUAV di Venezia. Jason also promotes the role architecture plays in society through his award-winning television series - ‘City Redesign’ (Singapore), ‘City Time Traveller’ and 'Smart Cities 2.0'. He continues to be a distinguished speaker at global conferences and events including TEDx and the World Architecture Festival.


*Watch trailer of Smart Cities 2.0 featuring Prof Dr Gerhard Schmitt, Dr Alex Erath, Michael Van Eggermond and Tavi Maheshwari from FCL in episode 8.

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