FCL European - Southeast Asian Architectural Dialogue II


11 Apr | Chat Chuenrudeemol from CHAT architects, Bangkok meets Daniel Niggli from EM2N Zurich/Berlin in the second architectural dialogue in Zurich.  

The second edition of Future Cities Laboratory's European - South-East Asian dialogues in Zurich brings together Chat Chuenrudeemol from CHAT architects, Bangkok and Daniel Niggli from EM2N Zurich/Berlin.

Chat and Daniel are architects from radically different countries, cultures and climates. Nevertheless, their reciprocal 'chats' prior to this event demonstrate remarkable convergence on what architecture should be about, how it relates to the city, and how the city relates to the regional level. 

This convergence is elaborated in three topics. Together, Chat and Daniel will discuss their approach from the persepctive of local and global architecture: 
- Architecture as a response to the city 
- Urban research as a complementary activity to practice 
- The Architecture of Authenticity

Thailand in South-East Asia, being one of the regions with fastest pace of urbanisation against Switzerland’s moderate transformation amid strongly determining constraints, will be the setting in which these actors present their work.

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