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Syn City: Parametric Master Planning for Emerging Cities

3 May | With rapid population growth and rural-urban migration in developing countries have , traditional planning methods are reaching their limits. This talk discusses the opportunities and challenges of parametric master planning based on examples from the SynCity design studios. Read more 


Urban Complexity Science

5 May | A talk on finding 'hidden rules' in the dynamics of cities by Asst Prof (Adj) Dr Markus Schläpfer, principal investigator of the Big Data Informed Urban Design research, under the CREATE Monthly Seminar. Read more 


The Energy System of the Future: A System of Systems

26 April | At this lunch talk, Dr Christian Schaffner, Executive Director of the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich will discuss the need for systems to interact and communicate in order to make future energy systems more efficient and effective. Read more 


Galunggung: The Drum Mountain at the NUS Museum

20 April | FCL's Tourism and Cultural Heritage project team presents Galunggung: The Drum Mountain at the NUS Museum as part of its Prep-Room programme. Read more 


Vancouverism and the Phenomenon that is North America’s 'Most Liveable' City

12 April | The talk will introduce perspectives on 'Vancouverism' - the architectural design and urban planning paradigm that made Vancouver what it is today. Read more 


Global Cities and Megacities: The New Economic Geography

17 May | FCL lunch talk features Parag Khanna,  a leading global strategist, world traveler, and best-selling author. Read more 


Celebrating Women in Research

We celebrate our women in research at the Future Cities Laboratory and Future Resilient Systems on the occasion of International Women's Day. Read more 


100 Resilient Cities: The Future of Resilience

8 Mar | Yumi Nishikawa from 100 Resilient Cities speaks about making cities more resilient, as we tackle the biggest challenges of future cities of urbanisation, globalisation, and climate change. Read more 


Sand: An (in)Finite Resource?

Asst Prof Dirk Hebel and team ran the Engineering for Development Summer School at TU Delft on sand, prompting students to rethink sand as a building materials and its alternatives.   Read more 


Smart Cities 2.0: Beyond Technology

20 Mar | At this lunch talk, Prof Jason Pomeroy will discuss case studies of Smart cities around the world, investigate their characteristics, and question if such environments enhance our daily lives. Read more 

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