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Collective Search Behaviour Using Virtual Reality & Agent-Based Simulations

10 Jul |  Dr Tyler Thrash and Dr Victor Shinazi will present two experiments in networked virtual reality and introduce a novel graph theoretic measure that describes collective search behaviour better than the space syntax measures of integration and choice. Read more 


Urban Sustainability R&D Congress

29 June | FCL PIs Prof Peter Edwards, Prof Thomas Schroepfer, and Assoc Prof Tan Puay Yok speak of sustainable city at the Urban Sustainabilty R&D Congress organised by the Ministry of National Development. Read more 


Reassembling Infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh

5 Jul | In this talk, Dr Hun Kim will show how decentralised governance and foreign investments affect infrastructure projects in Ho Chi Minh, in particular the World Bank’s Green Transportation Bus Rapid Transit System and its eventual disarticulation through competition with other foreign investment projects. Read more 


The Implications of Open Data for Urban Planning

30 Jun | At this lunch talk, Dr Dale Leorke will discuss open data and how it relates to ‘smart’, ‘innovative’, and ‘creative’ cities, and present his research on open data in Australia and internationally, identifying some of the gaps between the rhetoric around open data and its practical implementation and benefits at the city planning level.   Read more 


Holes in the Future City: A Singapore Statement

22 Jun | The public seminar & installation is inspired by a satellite image of Java by night. Java is one of the world’s most densely populated areas and appears as the epitome of a ‘future city’. A city in the making, Java reveals phenomena of urbanity that are difficult to grasp, yet surely add to the grand narrative of the contemporary metropolis. Read more 


Understanding pro-environmental behaviour from a psychological perspective

21 Jun | Technological innovation and new infrastructure could promote more sustainable mobility, housing, and consumption. What are the psychological factors that motivate or inhibit the required behavioural change to increase adoption of these innovation and infrastructure? Read more 


Experiments in Situated Urban Knowledge Production

13 Jun | The talk by Prof Edgar Pieterse will reflect on the experimental approach of the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town to sustain an interfaculty research center that is public-facing and policy-relevant. Read more 



1 Jun |  Step into an installation of Mount Bromo, the active volcano that is part of the Tengger massif in East Java, Indonesia. It is the fifth event enacted by artist-collective U5 of the 17 Javanese volcanoes. Read more 


The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

30 May | Speakers from AMS will share with us how, besides being innovative in metropolitan issues, the institute is an organisational innovation in itself. Read more 


Adaptive Reuse vs Tabula Rasa in Urban Design

24 May | This FCL urban design talk by Lea A. Rufenacht and Emek Erdolu puts the spotlight on SESC Pompéia in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Bengbu Longzi Lake Office Park in Anhui, China. Read more 

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