Low Exergy Building Design Workshop

PhD student selection and Design Research Studio kickoff
Future Cities Laboratory Module I: Low Exergy
Morning Lectures: NUS Campus Singapore, 4 Architecture Drive, SDE 1 #04-24
Afternoon Studio: NUS Campus Singapore, 4 Architecture Drive, SDE3 #02-26A
Monday 10-12: Introductory Lectures
Monday 1-4: Design groups organization
Tues-Wed 9-12: Theory and Systems Lectures
Tues-Wed 1-4: Design work
Thurs 9-12: Case study presentations
Thurs 1-4: Design review interim discussion
Fri 9-12: Overflow lecture or design time
Fri 1-4: Design finalization

Prof. Hansjürg Leibundgut, Prof. Arno Schlüter and future LowEx Module Director, Forrest Meggers from the Building Systems Group at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland invite you to a one-week workshop held at the Future Cities Laboratory 24. – 31. Jan. 2011 covering the theory and application of low exergy building design concepts, including a hands-on case study where students will apply new knowledge and experience new design methods. Students will present their final results on January 31.

We also have 1–2 PhD positions that will be available in the LowEx Module of the Future Cities Laboratory starting in September 2011. These play a central role in the further development of building systems that minimize CO2 emissions, especially in the application of exergy analysis and low exergy systems to a tropical climate such as Singapore. The positions include a full salary and support as a part of the Future Cities Project, along with supervision from an advisor at a Singapore University. Selected students will be flown to Switzerland for a preliminary training camp in April /May 2011.

Interested persons can apply by sending an email to Forrest Meggers (meggers@arch.ethz.ch) with name, contact details, field of study, degrees / graduation date, and familiarity with Building / CAD / BIM / Energy software. Persons also interested in the PhD positions should indicate this and specify some personal interests.