FCL’s Innovative Robotic Tiling Machine Addresses Tight Supply of Skilled Tilers

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan featured FCL’s prototype on the MND blog post, “Let’s get used to robots on construction sites” (20 May 2014).


More than 280,000 new residential units will be built in Singapore in the next 5 years, yet there is a tight supply of skilled workers to perform the onerous tiling work. This situation that is expected to worsen in the coming decade as fewer young people chose tiling as a profession. With over 40 million tiles laid in new construction projects each year, this could potentially lead to capacity and quality bottlenecks.


FCL has developed an innovative robotic tiling machine to address this problem, in collaboration with industry partner ROB Technologies. The prototype was unveiled at a live demonstration at the National Research Foundation’s Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) in May 2014, attended by construction firms, property developers and government agencies. The prototype is able to lay tiles two to three times faster than a human worker while maintaining high precision and consistent quality.


Moving forward, FCL plans to work with contractors and property developers on small tiling projects to prove the value of the robotic tiling machine and incorporate user feedback on features that can be enhanced.


Further details can be found in the press release.

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