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FCL rationale

Urbanisation: a global phenomenon with regional significance and local consequences

The rationale for Future Cities Laboratory emerges from the challenges of urbanisation and its consequences for Singapore, the ASEAN+ region and the world. View the FCL rational map

The general challenges of urbanisation frame a set of inter-linked research rationales:

  1. Planning challenges in Singapore for the coming 75 years: Singapore’s urban development poses challenges such as managing population density while improving resilience, environmental sustainability and qualitative aspects of every day urban living.
  2. Harnessing the power of information technology for responsive planning: Sustainable future cities need integrated planning that harnesses the full power of information technology appropriate to their large scale and complexity. This involves engaging diverse city-makers, including government, industry, academia, and civil society.
  3. Formulating sustainable pathways to urbanisation for ASEAN+ and beyond:  New ideas are urgently needed to guide urbanisation of the ASEAN+ (greater ASEAN) region, with its 1.4 billion urbanising population. In turn, the urbanisation of this region will have global impacts.
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