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Lecture: 'The Construction of an Image' in conjunction with the exhibition '17 Volcanoes' at Princeton School of Architecture.
Bas Princen
Ecosystem services in urban landscapes.
P. J. Edwards
The 5th Centre for Liveable Cities’ (CLC) Cities Roundtable. Centre for Livable Cities, Singapore., (2017).
The Grand Projet Towards Adaptable and Liveable Urban Megaprojects.
Naomi C. Hanakata, and Anna Gasco
Incorporation of Urban Differences in Tokyo, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.
Naomi C. Hanakata, Monika Streule, Robert Sullivan, and Christian Schmid
When are Decentralized Infrastructure Networks Preferable to Centralized Ones?
Paul D.H. Hines, Seth Blumsack, and Markus Schläpfer
2017 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2017), (2017) Hawaii: HICSS.
Hybrid Air-conditioning System Efficiency for Districts in the Tropics.
Shanshan Hsieh, Jimeno A. Fonseca, and Arno Schlueter
(2017) Zürich: ETH Zürich.
Building Regulations and Urban Policies as Incentives for Application of District Cooling Systems in Singapore.
Zhongming Shi, Jimeno A. Fonseca, and Arno Schlueter
(2017) Zürich: ETH Zürich.
Development of a new urban heat island modelling tool: Kent Vale case study.
Ming Xu, Marcel Bruelisauer, and Matthias Berger
(2017) Zürich: ETH Zürich.
Impacts of Building Geometries and Radiation Properties on Urban Thermal Environment.
Ming Xu
International Conference on Computational Science, (2017).
Quantify effects of grasslands, water features and traffic on urban thermal environment: Kent Vale case study.
Ming Xu
(2017) Lugano: PASC 2017.
Big data-driven transport planning with agent-based simulation.
Cuauhtémoc Anda
Visualizing Urban Sports Movement.
Ozgun Balaban, and Bige Tuncer
Proceedings of the 34th eCAADe Conference, (2016) Oulu: University of Oulu.
Documenting Desakota Landscapes: Methodological Approaches and Documentary Techniques for Rapidly Urbanising Regions in Southeast Asia.
Stephen Cairns, Lincoln Lewis, Sharan S. Thandlam, Ting Chen, and Miya Irawati
(2016) Malang: The 13th IRSA International Conference.
Population Density Estimation and Land Cover Classification: Using Satellite Imaging and Remote Sensing Methods to Analyse Settlement and Desakota Landscapes.
Stephen Cairns, Lincoln Lewis, Qin Wang, David Neudecker, and Serene Chen
Proceeding of The 13th International Asian Urbanization Conference: Rapid Urbanisation and Sustainable Development in Asia, (2016).
Citizens and Denizens: Managing Loose Space in Singapore.
Stephen Cairns
(2016) Singapore: Singapore University of Technology and Design.
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